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5 Blogging Myths That You Should Stop Believing In 2019

There are some blogging myths which need to be busted in 2019.

These myths do nothing good but harm. 

They discourage people from exploring more about blogging and encourage people to quit blogging.

That's why it is important to bust these blogging myths.

So in this article, I'm going to share some of the most common myths that you should stop believing in 2019.

Blogging Myths That You Should Stop Believing In 2019

1. Blogging is Easy

This is a tricky statement because it is both true and false.

It is false for those people who don't want to work hard.

And it is right for those who are ready to struggle and accept all the hardship coming in there way and also have immense patience and a never give up attitude.

Because the process of making your blog successful takes time, and it doesn't happen overnight.

So my point is if you're ready to do the hard work blogging is easy.

It is also easy for those people who are very much familiar with blogging and have years of experience in it.

All these famous bloggers were also once struggling, and they have gone through all the hardships.

But because of the hard work they put in over the years, they have become who they are right

So, blogging will seem easy eventually if you continuously put in the work and have a never give up attitude.

2. Blogging Is Dead

A few people have this misconception that blogging is dead, and there is a reason which leads them to think this way.

I will come on to that later.

But blogging is not dead; it's just changed.

Back in the days, you can write anything, and it will rank on Google, and you will get traffic.

But that isn't the case anymore.

You have to stand out from the crowd you have to write good content.

You have to put a lot of effort.

Now I'll answer why some people think blogging is dead.

That's because most people prefer video content over written content because it is more interactive.

But that doesn't mean blogging is dead; it is not going to die anytime soon.

There is still a lot of demand for written content.

So, focus on writing good content, and you are good to go.

You can watch this video by Neil Patel to know what his views on this statement.

3. Wordpress Is A Better CMS Than Blogger

I would never put it that way, of course, WordPress has its benefits; it has tons of plugins, which makes it more flexible and customizable.

But that doesn't mean Blogger is any less useful. 

Blogger is more secure than WordPress when it comes to the security of your website from hackers.

WordPress can be easily hacked if you don't take the necessary precautions; on the other hand, blogger is a product from Google, which uses cloud hosting, so hacking it is impossible.

Moreover, Blogger gives us free hosting, which does a decent job in handling the traffic.

So my point is none is better than the other both are best in their ways.

4. Backlinks are the Main Factor For Google Ranking

It is one of the top myths of blogging, that building backlinks will help rank higher on Google.

Google cares more about the quality of the content than the number of backlinks linking to your website.

If your content is not useful, then having tons of backlinks will not help you rank on Google instead it'd get your website penalized.

You can refer to this video below by Income School, which further proves my point.

So my advice would be that you should focus more on creating quality content than creating backlinks.

NOTE: If you're competing with higher domain authority websites then along with quality content, you need some quality backlinks linking to your article to rank on Google.

4. There Is Some Ideal Percentage Of Keyword Density To Rank For The Targeted Keyword.

A lot of people think there is an ideal percentage of keyword density, which will help you rank on Google.

This is false.

There is no such thing as an ideal percentage of keyword density.

You can use the keyword as many times or less; it doesn't matter.

As long as it doesn't look like you are deliberately forcing the targeted keyword in your article you are fine.

Google is smart enough to understand what your the article is about, and it will rank your article accordingly even if you don't use your keyword in the article often enough.

Matt Cutts, the software engineer of Google, has said the same thing about Keyword Density in this video.

Or you can read this article by Tech Rival which serves as an example of what Matt Cutts said in the video.

If you read the article you can see he has hardly used the targeted keyword, but his article still managed to rank No. 1 on Google for the keyword "Best Android Apps That Are Not Google Play Store."

So Keyword Density is not all-important so you can stop being worried about it.

5. You Need To Know English To Start Your Blogging Carrier.

It is not a requirement that one has to be an expert in English to start blogging.

Language shouldn't be an issue for you not to start your blog.

You can blog in your native language since Google is becoming smart enough to understand many foreign languages like Spanish, French, etc.

So you don't have to feel demotivated if you don't know how to write well in English.


These are some of the blogging myths that seriously needed to be bust.

My advice for news bloggers you be to stay away from these myths and just do it constantly for 1 year.

If you agree with what I said then please comment down below and also share your opinions.

What are others that also need to be busted?

Let me know in the comments down below.


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