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15 Best AMP Blogger Templates (2019) [SEO Friendly & Ads Ready]

AMP Blogger Templates are getting popular nowadays and there is a reason behind it which I'm going to mention in this article.

And moreover, I'm going to share some of the best AMP blogger templates that will help you make your website look classy and also super fast at loading.

I'm sure most of you know what AMP is, but if you are new to this term, then there are certain things that you need to be aware of before you choose a template for your blog website.

So let's jump right into it.

NOTE: If you already know what AMP is, you can skip the below part and directly jump into the list of Best AMP Blogger Templates.

What is AMP?

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages a framework which was particularly designed to make websites load faster on mobile devices even in terrible Internet speed.

Google is one of the developers of this technology.

The main motive for building this technology was to provide a seamless user experience for the users when they have a low Internet speed.

Why do you need AMP for your website?

It should be obvious by now, but there are some other reasons why you need AMP.

If you are aware of Google ranking algorithms, then you would know that website load speed is one of the major ranking factors.

That means if your website loads faster you will rank higher.

AMP also helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

People are getting more impatient day by day and they don't like to wait.

So accordingly your website needs you to load faster if you don't want to lose traffic and increase the bounce rate which will lead to getting your website de-ranked by Google.

I hope now you understand what AMP is and the importance of it.

So here is the list of 19 best AMP blogger templates for your blogger website.

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15 Best AMP Blogger Templates (2019)

1. VLetters AMP

V Letters AMP Template

If you want your website to load faster but also want a premium looking website, then Vletters AMP is one of the best picks for you.

The best thing about this template is that gives a professional look to this website despite of being an AMP template.

This template is completely free with all the necessary features loaded.

You can also customize the look according to your preference.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

2. Infinite AMP

Infinite AMP Template

Infinite is an AMP Blogger Template which is lightweight and loads quickly and has a simple and responsive design.

This template was designed by IDN Themes.

It has lots of other features such as Google Testing Tool Validator, Breadcrumbs, Search Box, Social Sharing Buttons etc. which makes this template really advanced and User-Friendly.

This template is packed with all the necessary elements that are required for a website as well as the users.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

3. Sahabat AMP

Sahabat AMP

Sahabat is another template which has the AMP feature along with responsiveness, SEO Friendly Design and an attractive look.

This template has a one-page style design with a simple white background which gives a plain look to the website.

It has a subscription widget which is one of the best features in this template that makes it stand out from the majority of blogger templates that don't include this feature.

This template is also developed by IDN themes.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

4. AMPNEWS Blogger

AMPNEWS Blogger Template

AMPNEWS Blogger template is the best choice if the content on your website is related to news or viral topics.

The look of the template is professional which ideal for a news website.

This template uses red as the primary colour but you can change it according to your preference.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

5. AMP Breaking News

Amp Breaking News

As the name implies it is another AMP template which is particularly designed for news & magazine websites.

This template shows off the look of a professional and superior looking news website which makes this template a great one.

It is super fast and responsive and also SEO friendly.

It also has a slider feature which is important for a news website.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

6. Gooplus

Gooplus AMP Blogger Template

Gooplus is a modern-looking AMP template created by Goomsite.

It is suitable for any niche, be it technology, fitness, news, you name it.

The look of this template too good for a blogger template, it almost looks similar to a Wordpress theme.

This template is perfectly optimized for speed, SEO and responsiveness which help in the ranking of your website in a significant manner.

It is also compatible with almost every browser.

I would recommend you to try this template if you want a good looking website with fast speed.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

7. Betapress

Betapress AMP Blogger Template

Betapress is a template which is created without using any javascript. It is totally an AMP and SEO ready template.

Along with this, it has a WhatsApp sharing button which automatically appears when you're browsing the using a smartphone.

One thing to appreciate about this template is despite the bland look, they still managed to provide all the important features.

You should definitely check this one out.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

8. Noname AMP 

Noname AMP

This one is one of my favourites because it doesn't look like a regular blogger template but rather looks like a Wordpress theme.

And that's one of the reasons why it stands out compared to other AMP templates.

The stylish look of this website will definitely attract a lot of users visiting your website.

And of course, the speed is amazing.

In my opinion, it is one of the best AMP templates.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

9. MD Camp


This template might look familiar to you because it designed by GOOMSITE  the one who created Gooplus.

It has a much simpler design compared to Gooplus.

Except for a slight change in the look, everything is the same, as in the features provided are the same.

It is also much faster because of the minimalistic design.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD


GOOAMP Blogger Template

It is another AMP template created by GOOMSITE.

Judging by the appearance of this template it can be concluded that this template is perfect for travel websites.

It has an author bio section which is one of the most important features that was missing in previous ones.

This template has some cool animation effects that look really appealing and awesome.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

11. Health


If you are familiar with WordPress themes then you would definitely agree that this template looks exactly like GeneratePress which is one of the most popular Wordpress themes.

And just like GeneratePress, Health is also lightweight and super fast at loading.

The developer of this template is Unknown.

If you are a fan of this WordPress theme then this template is the one for you.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

12. The AMP


A simple looking AMP template created by MS Design.

This template is AD Friendly and provides more Ads placements which will help you earn more from Adsense or any other Ad platforms you are associated with.

It also provides Email subscription widget which will help you collect visitor's email address so that you can re-target them when your next post is live.

These simple yet important features make this template one of the best ones.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD



If you just want a plain-looking template with no fancy elements that slow down the website then AMP HTML is the best one for you.

This template just one simple white background and uses no other colour.

It is good for a technology blog.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD

14. Blanterde AMP

Blanterde AMP

A perfect template for tech websites that writes about mobile phones and android.

It has a different version for the mobile device so that it so looks good smartphones and also it is completely optimized for SEO to help you rank.

The colour combination for this template is Red and White

You can customize it according to you if you don't like the default one.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD


SEO AMP Blogger Template

This has a simple design but still, looks premium and good looking and that's what I like about this template.

And as the suggest, this template design is made according to SEO algorithms.

It is also search engine friendly which helps different search engines to crawl the website easily.

Moreover, the template is fast and also Ads Ready.

It is one of the best templates for sure.

DEMO            DOWNLOAD


These were the list of best AMP templates 2019 that are SEO friendly as well as Ads Ready.

You can choose any template according to what you think is the best for your website niche.

If you think this article has helped you then please comment and share it with someone who is also looking for the same.

Now tell me guys which template did you like the most and why?

And also please let me know if you think I missed out something in this list 

Comment down below.


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