You might have read many articles on blogger templates.

But I have compiled the most amazing and best free blogger templates in this article than on any other articles on the internet.

But before that, I want to tell you why you should have a good or premium looking templates for your blogger website.

The look of your website is important in order to make your blog look professional and attract the readers of your blog.

Because the look of your website is the first thing that visitors will see, and if your website doesn't look attractive enough, the readers will most likely click away.

The premium look of your website also helps in good user experience and it also creates trust among the reader of your blog.

The blogger website already has some default templates but they don’t look that premium or gives a professional look.

So, here are the lists of 11 best premium looking blogger templates that are free.

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11 Best Premium Looking Blogger Templates.

1. Newcon

Newcon Premium Looking Blogger Template

The first one that comes to this list is Newcon, it is a free template which is perfectly optimized for responsiveness and search engines (SEO Ready).

This template is the best and most suitable for technology and news website.

The template looks almost identical to the newspaper theme which makes it look more like a WordPresss theme.

It will definitely attract a lot of users because the fancy and premium look of this template.

This template is my personal favorite and I strongly recommend you to download this one.

Live Demo                         Download

2. Alpha

Alpha Blogger Template

Alpha is a mobile-friendly blogger template which is loaded with full of features which shows off a professional look to the website.

It can be used for a newspaper or magazine blogs.

It has a good user interface and many useful features that you need in a good theme.

You can buy the premium version if you want to remove the credit links and want to have a lifetime updates for this blogger theme.

 Live Demo                           Download

3. Viral Pro

Viral Pro Blogger Template

It is a free premium looking blogger template with responsive design.

The look of the website is very simple but still manages to look very premium which is really impressive.

Since it has a simple design and doesn’t have many colours and it has a fast loading speed.

It has some useful social widgets which are customizable.

I would highly recommend you to use this template.

 Live Demo                         Download

4. Blazing

Blazing Premium Blogger Template

Blazing is a stunning and modern looking template with mobile responsive design.

The design of this template is plain and has only some useful widgets like email subscription and contact form which makes this a simple yet premium.

It has an updated comment widget for blogger which is more optimized and embedded in the template.

The theme is totally customizable and you can edit it make it look the way you want.

Live Demo                         Download

5. Mag +

Mag + Blogger Template

It is a template for those websites whose content is about technology, sports, fashion and stuff.

It is a responsive theme which is packed with all the latest and important widgets and is Ads Ready.

You can buy the paid version of this template if you want more features and unlimited updates.

 Live Demo                           Download

6. Top Magazine Blogger Template

Top Magazine Blogger Template

Top Magazine is an amazing template and it is very much suitable for your website if your content is related to technology, films, games, travelling etc.

It has a beautiful colour scheme and combination which gives this template a very premium look.

It is responsive so it will look perfect in any device or screen resolution.

It is also SEO friendly so it will help you rank higher in Google.

It also has some amazing features like email subscription widgets, slideshow, WhatsApp sharing button etc which make this template overall a great one for bloggers.

Live Demo                           Download

7. Beautiful Blogger Template

Beautiful Blogger Template

Just as the name implies it indeed looks really beautiful and gives a professional look to the website.
Along with the responsive design it is loaded with many unique widgets and plug-ins.

It’s also very SEO friendly which will help in boosting the ranking of your website.

It’s very lightweight which will help in fast loading.

Adsense friendly template that means your website is more likely to get approved if your content is good.

 Live Demo                           Download

8. Publister Blogger Template

Publister Blogger Template

It is a magazine template with responsive design and fast loading layout which looks perfect.

The colour combination of this template is green, black and white but you can customize the look according to your likes.

It has all the latest and useful widgets which are based on the latest blogger version so there won’t be any bugs.

It is Ads Ready template you post ads and customize the place where you want to show your ads.

 Live Demo                           Download

9. Sora Paper

Sora Paper Template

It is a new template designed by Gooyabitemplates.

It has a simple design yet looks very premium and is very much suitable for beauty and fashion bloggers.

The colours used are Black & White and a little bit of Red.

It is one of the best good looking blogger templates out there.

 Live Demo                           Download

10. TheBlogger

TheBlogger Premium Responsive Blogger Template

TheBlogger is just one of the premium responsive blogger templates with newsletter subscription widget, easy navigation, social widgets.

The simple look will help in the fast loading of the website.

You can buy the premium version if you want more customizing options.

 Live Demo                           Download

11. Morpho

Morpho  Blogger Template

Morpho is another gorgeous looking template for anyone who is planning to blog.

This template showcases your content in the fanciest way so this will definitely attract a lot of readers of your site and improve the user experience as well.

Morpho will work perfectly fine on any device be it a smartphone, desktop or a tablet.

It has socially sharing widgets which are optimized with javascript to share content on social media.

 Live Demo                           Download


That's it, these are the list of 11 best premium looking blogger templates that I personally like and 
I hope you liked it as well.

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