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Flikover Review 2019 : The Best Group Buy Seo Tools Service.

Are you looking for premium SEO tools for low prices to kick-start your blogging carrier? If the answer is “Yes” then you have to visit this awesome website called Flikover.

It is a site where you can buy advance premium SEO tools like Ahref, SEMrush, and other useful tools for the lowest price.

In this article, I'm going to review Flikover in detail.

Flikover Logo

Now let’s be honest here, we newbies can’t afford these advance premium SEO tools because they are so freaking expensive. 

If you look at one of the Ahref's monthly plan, even the cheapest plan is $99 a month if we convert than in INR it is more or less equal to Rs.7000 and the expensive one is $999 (70,000 INR / month)

That is more than someone's salary here, so let alone a beginner but not even someone who is financially stable will/can afford this tool because this is seriously so overpriced.

So that's why you should use Flikover.

Now let's review this group buy tool in detail and see what this service offers.

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Flikover Review 2019: Best Group Buy Seo Tools Service Provider.

What is Flikover?

It is a group buy community which provides advance premium SEO tools at an affordable price for those newbie bloggers who cannot afford these premium tools at a high price.

What is Flikover

Flikover Tools & Pricing

It offers a combo pack of 19 tools at 1200/per month, or you can purchase any one tool that you want at a price shown.

Flikover offers over 19 tools as of now which are:
S.NO. Tools Price(In Rupees)
1 Ahref 600
2 SEMrush 500
3 Word Ai 400
4 Keyword Revealer 400
5 Pro 400
6 Buzzsumo 400
7 Moz 400
8 Spy Fu 400
9 Grammarly Premium 200
10 Quetext 200
11 Alexa 200
12 Woorank 200
13 200
14 Skillshare 200
15 Animoto 200
16 Piktochart 200
17 Canva 200
18 Crello 200
19 Pickmonkey 200
Flikover Pricing & Tools

I would prefer that you should buy the combo pack as you will get all the tools at 1200 rather than purchasing only one or two tools that will cost you almost the same as the combo pack.

So now you can get almost every tool that you can think of at this amazingly low price and comparing this price with Ahref monthly plan you can use the Combo Pack for one year.

Other than the tools Flikover also provides 24/7 Customer Support in case if anything goes wrong you can contact them on their official Facebook page at anytime you want.

How Flikover Works?

They purchase all the tools and share it among the users all around the world with the help of their chrome extensions. These chrome extensions work as a proxy server which handles all requests plus authentication automatically.

So in order for you to use this service, you must have to download their extensions/plugins.

It means all the users share a common account, which might not sound very secure but Flikover ensures that all the activities that you do on these tools are private and safe, so you don’t need to worry about your activities being tracked or any other security issues.

How To Use Flikover?

Follow these steps below:

1. First, go to (Please don’t get confused with other website using the same name)
2. Go to Sign Up

Flikover Homepage

3. Fill in all the information and Sign Up.

How to Use Flikover Login Page

4. The password will be messaged on your mobile phone.
5. Next step, you need to download two Flikover Chrome Extensions/Plugins, both of these are available in Chrome.

Flikover Extension One
Flikover Extension One

Flikover Extension Two
Flikover Extenion Two

6. After finishing downloading the plugins  go to dashboard and choose any tool that you want ( For this example I chose Ahref.)

Flikover Dashboard

7. Now click on “Click here to access Ahref.”

Flikover Ahref Access Page

8. Now put your competitor's domain here.

Flikover Review Ahref

9. Now you can enjoy the Ahref tool.

Ahref sucessfully opened from Flikover

10. The same process will be followed to access the remaining tools.

You can watch this video tutorial for the same.

Advantages of Flikover

As I’m using their service these are the following advantages that I’ve noticed so far :
  • Cheap Price:  The affordable prices offered by Flikover is the main advantage, it should be very obvious by now.
  • Excellent Customer Support:  The second advantage is their customer service/supportThey are available 24/7 so you can contact them anytime you want, and they also respond promptly. Once I had some issue logging into the account, and they resolved it in seconds. So, I will give them 10 out of 10 for their customer service.
  • Premium Tools: They have almost every SEO tools that are required for a blogger, so that’s another advantage.
  • Refund Policy: They also have a refund policy if the tools aren’t working or if anything goes wrong they will refund the money to your account in 1-2 days, so that’s also an advantage.
  • Secure Payment Options: They use PayUMoney Gateway so your transactions will be safe

Disadvantages of Flikover

The followings are the disadvantages :
  • Accessible only on Google Chrome Browser: This the biggest drawback, you can only use their service on Chrome browsers as the extension they provide only works on Google Chrome as of now.
  • Only one device access:  What I mean by this is they only allow access to one device that means you won’t be able to login with any other device other the device you first registered with.  So you make sure that you register with the device you always use so that you don’t face any issue.
  •  Sharing account is not allowed:  Sharing account is strictly against the guidelines of Flikover, you can’t share your account with anyone be it your friend or your family if they find you doing that your account will be banned without any warning. This is one of the reasons why they have only one device access.
  •  No PayTm Payment option available:  Paytm is one of the most popular e-wallets used in India so not having an option to pay through Paytm can be considered a disadvantage.

FAQ’s About Flikover

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding their service.

Q.1. Does each get an individual account?
Ans. Nope users don’t get individual accounts as I said earlier they buy tools and share it among the users with the help of their Google Chrome Extension.

Q2. Is Using Flikover Safe?
Ans. Yes using Flikover is completely safe I have been using it for over two months, and I haven’t faced any issue so far.
Beware of the website which use their name.

Q3. Do they have a refund policy?
Ans. Yes, they do have a refund policy you can ask for a refund if you face any issues with their service.

Q4. Is Flikover legit?
Ans. Yes, totally legit and they provide all the tools mentioned in this article they don't scam people so you don't need to worry about it.

Even Amit Panchal the Digital Marketing Consultant tweeted about this 

Q5. Can I share my account with a friend?
Ans. No, a BIG NO never share your account with anyone they have an automation system, and if they find you doing so, then they will ban your account without any warning or notice.

Q6. Do they have Customer Care Support?
Ans. Yes, they do have Customer Care Support, you can reach out to them anytime you want, and they also reply to your query promptly.

Q7. How does their service work?
Ans. They provide 2 google chrome plugins which you have to download in order to use their service the plugins contain all the account information which will help to get access to the tools.

Q8. Do they have more than one website?
Ans. No, I don't think so I only used the one with ".com" so I know it is the legit one, others using the same name as them could be a potential scam website. So, be careful about that and only visit

Q9. Can we make our payments through Paytm?
Ans. Unfortunately, they don’t have the option to pay through PayTM but, you can pay through PhonePe though.

Q10. What are the payment options?
Ans. The payment options are Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card, PhonePe, JioMoney, Airtel Wallet etc.

Q11. Are the Flikover Extensions Safe?
Ans. I think they are safe as their extensions are available on the Google Web Store.

Q12. Are they extensions compatible Firefox Browser?
Ans.  No, they are only compatible with Google Chrome Browser.

Q13. Does Flikover provide Netflix?
Ans.  No, they used to provide it now they don’t.

Q14. Do they provide Grammarly for free?
Ans. No, they used to provide Grammarly for free but now they charge Rs.200 per month for it.

Conclusion (My Opinion On Flikover) :

Now the question is, should you guys use Flikover?

And my answer to this question is "Yes".

You should definitely try this service, it's really worth the money

I had never thought I could ever use one of these advanced premium SEO tools but this group buy service has changed it all for me.

Their customer service is the thing which I liked the most, they are very helpful and quick to reply, which shows that they care about their customers.

So, overall I would say that you guys check out and try their service at least for once.

So, guys if you liked this Flikover Review, then please share it with your friends and comment down below if you have any queries.

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